I have been living in Hong Kong since 2018 and hired a domestic helper to help with housekeeping and child care, including cooking daily meals. Homemade meals are important, and teaching Japanese dishes to others can be quite challenging, let alone a foreigner who is not familiar with Japanese food and culture.
“Today is a bit cold, wouldn’t it be great to eat Ankake? Can we make something with the remaining ingredients in the fridge, and cook it with Tsukudani?”
Explaining in English is difficult, and with very little time to teach, I have found that even Japanese translation apps could not express my instructions clearly. I wished there was a site where I could search for a dish in Japanese and find the ingredients and instructions in English for my helper to cook and, when I couldn’t find any, I decided to create one myself! Thanks to my helper Amelie who cooks the most wonderful and savory meals, this recipe site is named after her – Amelie’s Kitchen.

All of the recipe photos are homemade dishes cooked by her. To have as many people enjoy Japanese food, the recipe is in English but you can search the ingredients in English or Chinese.